Beyond the Shadows


Well my husband wants to share this with our friends, so I gotta reconfigure my plans for a couple more people, and since it’d be easier to just start at the beginning of the apocalpse in that case, I get to re-write everything. In a point made by my father, it would be good to have a real-life city to base the game in, but I only know the one where I’ve lived all my life, and I’ve already done a few games based here so I don’t want to over-do it. I need to make new questlines now that the settlements aren’t a factor anymore so all my previous ideas are null, but will make way for newer (hopefully better) quests. I think I’ll have to poll my players and see if they want a city based game or not.


Just finished with some major details and enemy stats. All that’s left is the most important part, and the only part I’m having a real issue with – the story. Yeah, pretty bad for a DM right? Ah well, I’m best at winging it reguardless. Fortunately my Dad is letting me bounce ideas off him, so things are a little easier on me, yay Dad! :D

Welp, off to work on the story and some regular npc templates. Man my head hurts.

Creativity of Apocalyptic Proportions!

Hello and welcome to our little zombie apocalypse. Currently I’m just setting up a roleplay for me and my husband, but feel free to look and use what you’d like from my info. I didn’t exactly come up with most of it on my own, I just compiled it and set it into a slightly different format. I only take credit for minor tweaks and the guidance of the roleplay itself.

Most of my information was obtained from Xealot… in the Wizards of the Coast forums. I also obtained a good deal of info from d20 modern for the weapons and vehicles. Me and my hubby don’t like our bootleg copy of it so we’ll stick to our beloved regular D&D 3.5 just in a slightly more modern setting. I’m debating on semi-banning magic as it might make it rather odd, or at least make it an extreme rarity. Herbalism makes more sense in this case I think. Thanks for visiting and I’ll be sure to update later.


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